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Reopened Stadler Zweirad Center Germany's Largest Two-Wheeler Outlet

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REGENSBURG, Germany (17 March 2000)--Helmut Stadler, one of Germany's largest bicycle retailers, doubled the space of his Regensburg-Königswiesen outlet to more than 12,000 square meters, thereby making it Germany's largest two-wheeler retail center. Since beginning of February consumers can browse through a bicycle collection of more than 30,000 models and a motorized two-wheeler range of more than 2,000 models. The outlet also features a Bike Bistro. Stadler already has large outlets in other German cities like Berlin, Fürth, Hammerau, Nuremberg and Straubing. Stadler is one of the leading members of Germany's powerful bicycle buyers group ZEG. Helmut Stadler was not available for comment. The reason is, for the trade press, a noteworthy one. According to his secretary Stadler only grants interviews to the consumer press. (JB)

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