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Zéfal Goes Dealer Direct

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JARGEAU, France - Zéfal, manufacturer of cycling accessories, is going dealer direct in France. From now on, cycling and sport retailers don’t need to go to their wholesaler to buy Zéfal’s products. Matthieu Brunet, Zéfal’s CEO, justifies the decision as, “the need to be closer to retailers as many French wholesalers closed their business during the last few years.”

“It’s imperative that we offer the best possible service”, continues Brunet. “Zéfal is eager to offer a wide range of high-quality products and thus becomes the sole distributor of Limar (helmets and sunglasses) and Minoura (home-trainers, stands).

Zéfal’s headoffice is located in Jargeau, France, where the manufacturing takes place of more than 60% of its products, as well as all the research and development.

by Jan-Willem van Schaik last update:11 Jul 2012

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    Mr X

    Quite a lot of job openings at the moment at Zéfal, restructuring the sales force.

    Looks like this sleeping beauty is waking up from a too long winter...

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