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Koga Concept Store in Copenhagen

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark – “To ensure a good service to our customers and a presentation of our Koga bicycles at a high level in line with Koga’s image and quality, we are very proud about this dedicated Koga store in Copenhagen”, said Pieter Jan Rijpstra, sales manager export Koga BV at the opening ceremony last Saturday.

The world’s first dedicated Koga bicycle store owned by Jonas Larsson opened its doors last Saturday, January 14. He started selling Koga bicycles around six years ago and ever since, it was his dream to open a high quality store around one brand: Koga. This weekend this dream became reality.

Growth market for Koga
“I am really excited by this ‘Koga Center Copenhagen’ [] project” said Larsson. “From the beginning, the market for the brand Koga has been growing year after year in Denmark and Copenhagen in particular. These high end Dutch bicycles fit perfectly in Danish demand for quality and design.”

by Bike Europe last update:11 Jul 2012

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