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25 years Dahon celebrations

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DUARTE, USA - Dahon will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2008 with a limited-edition bicycle, the Mu XXV. It will be introduced at Eurobike, and only 250 will be made. Other special activities will be announced as the dates draw closer.

Since 1983, Dahon has produced over 3 million folding bicycles. Today, folding bicycles are one of the fastest growing product categories in the bicycle market.

“I started out as a small guy with a big idea,” stated Dr. David Hon, Dahon President. “My goal was nothing less than a transportation solution that was affordable and could alleviate the world’s dependence on oil. Our strategy has always been to improve the bike by at least 15% year after year.”

“Looking back, it’s amazing how far we have come in twenty-five years,” continued Hon. “When I started, folding bikes were largely considered novelties that weren’t serious bikes. Now folding bikes are playing such an important transport role and many people depend on them every day.”

Prior to starting Dahon in 1983, David Hon worked as a Senior Staff Physicist at Hughes Aircraft Research Laboratories. He has taught Physics at California State College.

by Jan-Willem van Schaik

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