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Expobici Continues to Expand

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PADUA, Italy – As expected the Expobici fair which took place last weekend reported double digit growth figures in visitors and exhibitors. During the three day event, the number of visitors increased by 20% compared to last year to 42,000.

Since its second edition in 2008 the show tripled in size, with 500 companies and brands exhibiting. In the same period also the exhibition area tripled to 30,000 square meters plus 7,000 square meters of outdoor demonstration areas.

In the past years the Italian show landscape changed drastically, mainly due to strong competition between Eurobike and EICMA on the international status of both events. The show venue in Padua, based in the center of the Italian bicycle industry, provided the sector an all new opportunity for a trade and consumer show. From the start of Expobici in 2007, the event grew substantially year after year.

“These numbers clearly explain our situation” said Paulo Coin, General Manager of the show venue in Padua, the Padova Fiera. “Padua is now recognized as the capital of Italian cycling, while we confirmed our position between the European trade fairs in the bicycle industry.” The Expobici is not just a number of booths but it is breading the atmosphere of an event. The grounds between the halls was used for test riding and additional information stands.

But what makes this new bicycle show so successful? “The main ingredient why Expobici is flourishing is the passion for the product among the visitors, the exhibitors, the institutions involved led by the Veneto Region who have proven to be capable of meeting the needs and requests of the bicycle industry”, said Paulo Coin. “And we will go on spreading this positive mood that is good for the bicycle business. Next year Expobici will include a demo day on the Friday before the opening of the show. This demo day will take place in a biking area just outside the city.




by Bike Europe last update:6 Oct 2011

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