Advocacy Centre Stage at “Taipei”


The Taipei International Cycle Show has put bicycle advocacy centre stage, with proof that cycling can grow the industry. If we want 35 million more cyclists by 2020, then industry and advocacy must act united. And we must act today.

Advocacy Centre Stage at “Taipei”

I delivered a keynote address at Taipei Cycle Show during the prestigious International Bicycle Trend Forum. Alongside me was King Liu, Chairman and Founder of Giant, the world’s biggest bike company where he spoke about how Taiwan can transform itself into cycling island.

We shared similar messages: how we act now will decide the cycling cities of the future. In the cities and countries where industry, advocacy and policy makers come together with a common vision for cycling we will see huge growth. Small, well-funded advocacy groups have been able to unlock large sums of government investment.

€ 1 billion in funding

In London alone, a committed advocacy movement was able to unlock more than € 1 billion in funding for infrastructure. Other cities in Europe, such as Munich, have seen cycling triple to nearly 20% of all trips for similar reasons. There are many more cities across Europe which could benefit from more advocacy, which in turn would mean more sales for the bicycle industry in the years to come.

Giant and the Taiwan Bicycle Exporters’ Association (TBEA) announced last year that they are supporting ECF in 2013 with major financial contributions to the Cycling Industry Club, ECF’s advocacy programme for Europe. At the time Tony Lo, CEO of Giant said ”Giant has decided to say we’re in. We’ve joined the club. It’s our obligation to join forces with all of you to see how we can make cycling more popular in Europe. We want to have more people cycling.”

Cycling Industry club
The Cycling Industry club has ambitious goals: we want to double cycling in Europe and unlock 6 billion in European funding. But we’ll need more industry players on board, big or small, to be successful. So, are you in?

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