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ZEG Transparent on Vietnamese Production Site

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COLOGNE, Germany – What are the working conditions in the Vietnamese factory where the Pegasus bicycles for Europe’s biggest dealer cooperative ZEG are made? That is the major reason for Pegasus quality team, headed by ex- Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking to attend the facility in Ho Chi Minh City.

ZEG Transparent on Vietnamese Production Site
Seven members of the Pegasus quality team will visit ZEG’s business partner in Vietnam to see the working conditions for themselves. – Photo ZEG

“Our bicycles are produced at the fairest conditions,” claims ZEG. “We are strictly monitoring whether our Asian business partners who manufacture our bicycles and e-bikes comply with internationally standards”, says ZEG CEO Georg Honkomp. “With the factory visit of our quality team we set another standard for transparency and quality.”

Labor conditions

The factory in Ho Chi Minh City the quality team will visit next December 5th, has been certified according to the international standard SA 8000 since 2008. To comply with SA 8000 the company has to meet with social and labor standards, such as an exemplary health and safety at work, no child labor, no forced labor, no discrimination and they have to pay fair wages to the more than 2,200 employees.

The Pegasus quality team founded by ZEG supports the Cologne-based company in their continuous development of its products and is committed to improving conditions for cyclists. The team is headed by ex- Porsche CEO Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking. Other members are actress Mariella Ahrens, corporate ethicist Prof. Dr. Thomas Schwartz, politicians Erwin Huber, musician Sebastian Krumbiegel, journalist Marcel Reif and sport physician Dr. Michael Lehmann.

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