Bike Europe Conference on Supply Chain Flexibility

Bike Europe logo ConferenceBike Europe presents the first Bike Europe Conference on Supply Chain Flexibility, and increasing the speed to market.

Changing consumer behavior is forcing the bicycle industry in Europe to transform. Instead of sourcing components in Asia production closer to markets is needed in order to bring down lead-times. This generates supply chain flexibility and increases the speed to market.

What is the best solution? Production in Asia or Europe ?

What benefits come with being fast? And is switching production from Asia to Europe the only solution, or are there more options open to component makers? What else is needed to adjust the supply chain of the European bike industry to the demands of Internet browsing consumers that insist on having the products of their choice in hours and not in weeks?

These questions will be addressed from an industry as well as from a retailer’s perspective in presentations by key note speakers & supply chain experts.

List of speakers (preliminary):

  • Jeroen Both, Chief Supply Chain Officer and Board member of Directors of Accell Group NV
  • Didier Morelle, purchasing director of Decathlon
  • Benno Messingschlager, CEO of Messingschlager

 Conference headlines:

  • Capital tied up in sourcing and inventory mounting
  • Supply chain to implode
  • Fundamental changes inside industry needed
  • Is more parts production in EU commercially viable
  • Need for data sharing; need for platform based production

Date and location

The Bike Europe Conference will take place on Tuesday 30 August, one day before Eurobike 2016 starts, at Messe Friedrichshafen (Room Berlin, Conference Center East).

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