Feddz Lifestyle E-Cruisers Launched


MUNICH, Germany – They add lifestyle and fun elements to e-bikes. And they are made in Europe by a company called Emo-Bike GmbH which is based in Biberach (near Friedrichshafen) in Germany. The Feddz e-cruisers come with integrated cargo design, exchangeable batteries and adjustable suspension.

Feddz Lifestyle E-Cruisers Launched
Feddz cruisers are strikingly designed as they offer distinctive transport features… - Photo Emo-Bike GmbH

The Feddz e-cruisers are relying on R&D and production in Germany and e-technology from Austria. Emo-Bike GmbH wants to go big with what they call, “Let’s Feddz the city.”

Between e-bike and motorcycle

In particular the design of the Feddz cruisers is striking. Not only because of the distinctive transport features that even allow for the transportation of  logs for the fireplace, but also as it presents a vehicle in between an e-bike and a motorcycle. The 23 liter cargo space in the frame offers space for leaving a helmet while a hard shell cargo box, with cargo bag and lockable side panel is available as an extra.

EU type approval

Feddz cruisers are offered in 25 km/h and 45 km/h versions. They come with EU type-approval. Both versions have an Austria made brushless rear wheel hub motor that offers a maximum torque of 60Nm. According to Emo-Bike CEO Edmund Andreas Patriarcheas the complete electric drive unit is made in Kärnten, Austria.


Feddz cruisers have a 11.5 kg. removable lithium-ion battery pack which can be charged with an ordinary socket. There are eco and premium batteries available for ranges up to over 200 kilometers, claims Emo-Bike. The Feddz cruisers are retail priced € 5,990 (25 km/h model) and € 6,990 (45 km/h).

CEO Patriarcheas  regards IBDs as not the right distribution channel for the Feddz cruisers. The same goes for motorcycle retailers and distributors. He says, “For us it’s a real challenge to find the right distribution channel. Currently we are searching for local partners in urban areas that really like our Feddz cruisers and are confident on their success.”

Looking at the websites of Emo-Bike and Feddz ( and the company has already found some distribution partners for their remarkable e-cruisers.

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