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Focus DT Swiss on OEM


Focus DT Swiss on OEM

Focus DT Swiss on OEM

With new midrange wheels as well as suspension products, DT Swiss lifted at PressCamp the curtain on what their intentions are. And that’s about a stronger focus on OEMs.

To increase their sales at bike makers across the world, the Swiss component maker will launch the R1600 (for road race) and M1600 (MTB) ‘competitive priced’ lightweight wheels. Weight stands about 1600 grams per set.

In road race the sleeved rims come with butted and bladed spokes; lacing front 24x radial and rear 28x 2-cross and are compatible with Shimano 9/10-speed and Campanology 9/10/11-speed.

Also DT Swiss’ M210 shock with a ‘significantly lower price’ as a DT Swiss spokesman said, is focused on an increased OEM presence. The M210 comes with an all new damping unit with externally adjustable rebound and lockout, integrated platform. Remote lockout is optional (0° – 180°).

Eye-to-eye travel varies from 38 mm to 62 m in the 165 mm to 215 mm units. The 165 mm shock weighs 210 grams. There’s also a new series suspension forks for X-country bikes called XRC that comes with carbon steertube and crown and weighs only 1250 grams with lock-out.


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