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Dahon Reinforces its Corporate Structure


Eddie Eccleston is Dahon’s latest addition to its Board of Directors. On the photo he is welcomed by Henry Hon (right) who, next to Dr David Hon, also belongs to the Board of the company. The seasoned executive Eccleston will contribute to the development and execution of both annual and long term goals and objectives for the Dahon Group.

Dahon Reinforces its Corporate Structure
Eddie Eccleston and Henry Hon of Dahon at Eurobike 2012

Last year Eddie Eccleston was already appointed Global Sales and Marketing Director of the Dahon Group. He has 32 years of experience in the bicycle industry having held senior management positions at Townsend Cycle and Peugeot Bicycle in the UK. He also served as the president of the European Cycle Manufacturers Association COLIBI and the board of the European Parts Manufacturers Association.

Strong contributor
“Eddie Eccleston has been a strong contributor for the company in the last year and we are pleased to add on one of the industry’s most experienced professionals to the Dahon Board of Executives”, said Dr. David Hon.

Eddie Eccleston joins the current board members David Hon, CEO and founder and Henry Hon, Dahon’s Vice President and co-founder.

Former General Manager of Magna Bikes, Zong Tom Zonghe, has been hired as the Vice President of production of Dahon’s main factory. Zonghe brings in 20 years of industry experience to Dahon.

A second edition, Michelle Tseng, former OEM sales manager from Ideal with 25 years of experience will take on the role of Assistant Director of OEM sales with Dahon.

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