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Holland Mechanics Robotizes Wheelbuilding


SHANGHAI, China – Holland Mechanics selected the mid April held China Cycle Show for the launch of its Quattro wheelbuilder. This robotized machine greatly improves the wheelbuilding process as it provides a continuous production flow; every 40 seconds a complete, ready to assemble wheel.

Holland Mechanics Robotizes Wheelbuilding
Holland Mechanics’ new Quattro Robot is specifically targeted to “flexible mass production”. – Photo Bike Europe

The Quattro represents a giant leap in the development of Holland Mechanics. It brings the wheelbuilding equipment the company produces from a mechanical to a robotized level.

Flexible mass production

The Quattro Robot is specifically targeted to what Holland Mechanics calls, “flexible mass production”. It’s for large volume bike makers that focus on (wheel) quality. The 4 robots of the Quattro improve the quality as well as the efficiency of the wheel production. Holland Mechanics notes that the Quattro brings a better balance in the wheelbuilding process thanks to a continuous and constant production flow. It also leads to less inventory.

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