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Mr. Flyer’ Kurt Schär Resigns from Biketec AG


HUTTWIL, Switzerland – Kurt Schär, former CEO and co-founder of Flyer’s e-bike manufacturing company Biketec AG, kept his word after he handed over the management of the company to Simon Lehmann last March.

Mr. Flyer’ Kurt Schär Resigns from Biketec AG
Kurt Schär remains shareholder of Biketec AG. - Photo Peter Hummel

Following the management change in March, Kurt Schär remained member of the Board of Directors. Only four and half months later he resigns from this Board.

‘Chaos Manager’

“Sometimes it goes faster than you think,” After Kurt Schär said this to Simon Lehmann last March, he is now stepping down from Board effective immediately.

In Flyer’s turbulent twelve-year growth phase, lateral thinker Kurt Schär was sometimes referred to as ‘Chaos Manager’. For the current consolidation phase, which is characterized by strong competition, a manager was needed who knows how to increase efficiency and optimize costs and processes. Kurt Schär himself selected Simon Lehmann as the new CEO of Biketec AG.

‘Contractor; not administrator’

That he now resigns after only four and a half months as a Board member, was not because of a lack of chemistry with the new operating chief. He simply realized that he was “A contractor and not an administrator.”

As former ‘Mr. Flyer’ it seemed that it was not easy for him to support Board decisions that were not complying with his convictions. Of course he was well aware of the fact EGS Investments AG had obtained a majority shareholding; but it’s all a lot easier when being not that closely involved any longer.

No dispute

Kurt Schär didn’t resign in dispute. As a matter of fact he remains available  for an advisory position. Next to that remains a shareholder of Biketec AG.

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