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Accell Group Back to SmallCap Listing


HEERENVEEN, the Netherlands – The Accell Group NV shares will again be included in the SmallCap index (AScX) of Euronext Amsterdam from 22 December 2014. Since March this year Accell is listed in the AMX index which is made up of 25 medium-sized listed companies.

Accell Group Back to SmallCap Listing
Accell Group CEO Takens, ‘That Accell had to get back into the SmallCap has a purely mathematical background.’ – Photo Bike Europe

That Accell is returning to the SmallCap is, according to CEO René Takens, “The result of the fact that a somewhat bigger company than Accell had to get into the MidCap which can only hold 25 companies. This is the purely mathematical background. Accell Group is, regarding our size, small for the MidCap, but big for the SmallCap.”

In the MidCap index Accell Group NV had to make way for NN Group NV; an insurance company called ‘Nationale Nederlanden’.

Liquidity of Accell shares

Accell entered the MidCap last March. At that time CEO Takens expected, “A positive effect on the liquidity of Accell Group’s shares, partly because the stock now also becomes interesting for institutional investors.” On what happened with the trade in Accell shares since last March Takens commented, “Indeed some growth materialized, but not enough.”

Accell’s total market capitalisation

The composition of the MidCap and SmallCapp is reviewed by Euronext Amsterdam and is based on the free float adjusted market capitalisation of the listed companies. At the end of February 2014 the total market capitalisation of Accell Group amounted to approximately € 350 million.

Listed since 1998

Accell Group’s shares are listed at Euronext Amsterdam since 1998 and the company has been part of the Amsterdam Small Cap Index (AScX) since 2008. Accell Group’s turnover increased from € 149 million in 1998 to € 849 million in 2013. Growth has been realized on an autonomous basis as well as by means of acquisitions.

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