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Axman’s New Facility Focused on Flexibility


DACUN, Taiwan – It was opened last May and stands out among all other bicycle facilities in Taiwan. Not only because of its modern and sleek set-up, but also because of its ability to produce small series product runs. Bike Europe visited Axman’s new site to gain a better understanding of the company’s supply chain flexibility competencies.

Axman’s New Facility Focused on Flexibility
Decal application stands out at high-end assembler Axman. - Photos Bike Europe

Since Axman’s founding in 1985, the company has moved to new facilities six times. This has provided Jackson Jiang, Chairman of Axman Enterprise Company, ample insight into what’s needed as an OEM/ODM bike maker. Axman produces for some 15 worldwide renowned brands, the names of which names the company does not want to have mentioned, but can be labelled as leading in their categories.

In addition to its OEM business the Taiwan maker has recently started its own brand named Axman. For this it has set up a self-owned sales company named Asia Sports Gear. This company is dedicated to the distribution of Axman-branded bikes as well as their R&D and marketing. The Axman bicycles are aimed exclusively at cycling enthusiasts in the Asian markets, including Taiwan, as it does not want to compete with its European clientele.


The annual production capacity of Axman’s new facility stands at 150,000 bikes – some 700 per day. Over 50% of its production is exported to Europe, where the UK is the number one country for by Axman-made bicycles. North America receives about one third of the production total, with the rest going to various Asian markets.

After Axman moved to its new facility, which is on a 11,000m² plot, it set out to offer a higher level of customer service. With regard to flexibility it means that this Taiwan bike maker does not set any minimum order quantities. Lead time stands at four months. According to Axman its manufacturing process operates with, “Vertical integrated components suppliers that focus on program-controlled lead time progress aiming to shorten delivery time.”

Another feature of Axman’s customer services is in warehousing. As the company stipulates it offers, “Logistics management advantages for providing cost-effective and rapid logistics with warehousing services, to help customers to expand their international distribution.”


Axman is an assembler focused on high-end bicycles of all categories in aluminium and carbon. It also produces electric bicycles as well as e-MTBs. Axman offers R&D services for controlling frame design and its R&D service includes the rapid production of samples. The ISO certified company also  considers process efficiency for OEM orders.

Axman’s main activities are in frame processing, as well as its handmade carbon fiber wheelset assembling line. Frame processing in this case means that each carbon frame is inspected; alloy frames randomly. The application of decals takes place in a particularly precise manner at specific stations, with TV screens offering details of decal placing. Axman’s paint line stands out as it features robot arms for clean spraying.

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