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Clearance House Blomson Opens Asian Office


TAICHUNG, Taiwan – The Dutch clearance house Blomson will soon open its Asian office in Taiwan. Blomson is one of the few clearance houses in the bicycles industry. Started in 1991, owner Maurice Blom built a wide spread international network which helps out companies with their overstock.

Clearance House Blomson Opens Asian Office
Last January Maurice Blom announced his initiatives to grow the company. – Photo Bike Europe

Rob King has been hired to work on the Asian market handling Blomson’s sourcing and sales business. King will be based in Taiwan. “Overstock is common practise in all consumer and B2B markets,” said Maurice Blom, owner of Blomson Clearance House recently in Bike Europe.

Surplus in parts and components

“A surplus in parts and components is often instigated by incorrect deliveries, cancelled orders, or out of date components and accessories. It becomes a problem when companies don’t act and the overstock starts to limit their business.”

Maurice Blom already announced his growth strategy in the Bike Europe interview. He also developed an online platform to buy and sell 24/7. Last winter Patrick Zwaanswijk started for Blomson in Australia and New Zealand.

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