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Yamaha Launches 3rd Generation Mid-Motor


FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – At last month’s Eurobike show Yamaha launched its newest mid-motor. ‘Launch’ is actually a not entirely applicable characterization of the presentation of Yamaha’s 3rd mid-motor generation as it took place in a closed off, cabinet-sized booth. Here the Japanese e-bike components maker showed its new PWseries TE.

Yamaha Launches 3rd Generation Mid-Motor
Yamaha launched its 3rd mid-motor generation in a peculiar manner at Eurobike. – Photo Bike Europe

Is it a reflection of how serious Yamaha regards its e-bike business? This obvious question pops up when comparing the company’s presentation at Eurobike to that of its direct competitors like Bosch. That this business is not entirely unimportant for the multi-billion-dollar company that is called Yamaha is clearly based on, for example, the fact that Yamaha is expanding its e-bike drive production. And does that not only in Japan, but also in Taiwan, at Yamaha Electronics Taiwan Co. Ltd in Taoyuan. Here production already started in April 2016 which is mainly destined for Europe.

Yamaha crossed the 3 million e-bike drive units production mark already years ago; in 2015. The fact that the company is stepping up its output makes its cabinet-sized Eurobike presentation all the more peculiar. But in front of the Yamaha booth was a brochure-holder where Bike Europe picked up the information on the company’s 3rdgeneration mid-motor named PWseries TE.

Focus on city e-bikes

Yamaha’s new PWseries TE is focused on e-bikes used in cities. For those models the new drive unit is “Providing comfort and a stable ride in urban areas, coping effortlessly with road conditions including steep climbs. This technology has been developed to be more powerful, easier to use, and intelligently adapted to its riding environment,” says the Yamaha brochure.

‘Quad Sensor System’

Yamaha’s 3rd generation mid-motor is making use of what is named “Quad Sensor System”. The Japanese e-bike motor maker explains that this system holds four sensors to support the e-bike riding experience. “

The Quad Sensor System adds an angle sensor to detect the bike’s angle of climb or descent, in addition to the existing ride speed, crank rotation, and pedalling torque sensors. The system automatically detects riding conditions such as hill starts, and delivers the appropriate assist power and smooth acceleration.”

Automatic Support Mode

New at the PWseries TE motor is also the automatic support mode. This must ensure that “Intelligent and natural assistance is provided with a lightweight feel from the moment pedalling is started. The drive unit is designed to automatically provide natural-feeling power assistance. Each of the sensors automatically monitors the riding conditions, and algorithms provide finely-tuned, rider-friendly pedal assistance. The system can even automatically change the support mode at the appropriate moment during the ride. There are four power assistance modes (plus the mode where assistance is turned off) for suiting to the riding conditions. Mode can be changed during riding.”

The new Yamaha PWseries TE motor weighs 3.4 kg. It’s the regular 250W type mid-motor offering a maximum torque of 60 Nm.

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