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ECF Launches ‘Cycling Forum Europe

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – To bring together cycling industry, politicians and all other cycling stakeholders, the ECF Cycling Industry Club will launch the ‘Cycling Forum Europe’. The aim of the forum will be to discuss how to grow cycling.

ECF Launches ‘Cycling Forum Europe
How to grow cycling will be one of the main issues discussed at the ‘Cycling Forum Europe’. – Photo ECF

Cycleurope CEO Tony Grimaldi and Raymond Gense from PON Bicycle Group will be at the Cycling Forum launch on November 20th in Brussels representing the interests of the industry and making sure its voice is heard.

The ‘Cycling Forum Europe’ will be an active parliamentary network which will be open to all stakeholders interested in the future of our cities and the role of cycling, chaired by Members of the European Parliament (MEP). These MEPs are:

  • Georges Bach, Luxembourg
  • Michael Cramer, Germany
  • Anneli Jäätteenmäki, Finland
  • István Ujhelyi, Hungary

All interested stakeholders will be invited to discuss 2-4 times a year in public the role of the European Union in promoting cycling for transportation and leisure in Europe and beyond. ECF is a member of the forum and provides for the secretariat.

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