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EU Keeps Lid on Anti-Dumping Review; Rumors Start

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – European Commission Directory General Trade is secretive about its disclosure document which was published exclusively for stakeholders on March 21, 2013. Stakeholders are also keeping the lid on the published DG Trade findings.

EU Keeps Lid on Anti-Dumping Review; Rumors Start
A DG Trade spokesperson names the 25th of May as the date for a publication in the EU Official Journal. - Photo EU

The only fact a DG Trade spokesperson wanted to say on the disclosure document is that: “The deadline for publication of the definitive results of the anti-subsidy investigation is the 25th May 2013 at the latest in the Official Journal of the European Commission.” This is the investigation instigated by European Bicycle Manufacturers’ Association (EBMA) on the Chinese government subsidizing Chinese bike exporters.

Three investigations
It is said that the March 21 issued disclosure document reports on the findings of three investigations; the interim review on the anti-dumping duties for bikes made in China (instigated by the European Commission) and the two EBMA triggered investigations on China subsidizing Chinese bike exporters and on the circumvention measures which are said to be illegally circumnavigated by companies in various Asian countries.

Whether the EU Official Journal publication scheduled for the 25th of May will, next to the findings on the anti-subsidy investigation, also include the results of the two other investigations is likely, but not sure yet.

What was said by various sources at last week’s Taipei Cycle Show on the March 21 dated disclosure document is that the findings in the circumvention investigation names specific companies based in particular in Malaysia.

Next to that it was said in Taipei that the 48.5% anti-dumping duties that are currently levied on bikes made in China which are imported into Europe will be prolonged. The European Commission is legally forced to publish its decision on this investigation not later than June 9, 2013.

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