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EU and China Start Harmonizing E-Bike Standards

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SHANGHAI, China – At the 24th China Cycle Show in Shanghai that closed its doors yesterday, talks started between the China Bicycle Association (CBA) and the EU industry associations COLIBI/COLIPED. The objective of the talks is to get to harmonized safety standards for electric bicycles on a worldwide scale.

EU and China Start Harmonizing E-Bike Standards
China Bicycle Association Chairman Ma Zhongchao (left) and representative for the EU industry associations COLIBI/COLIPED, Moreno Fioravanti, shake hands on the start of discussions to get to harmonized safety standards for e-bikes on a worldwide scale. – Photo Bike Europe

What started earlier this week in Shanghai is only the beginning of what is to lead to much more associations to join the talks. The ones for Taiwan, the US and from the South American countries have to be invited too, indicated Moreno Fioravanti who represented COLIBI/COLIPED at the talks with the CBA.

He said that the first discussions with the CBA were on lead-acid batteries that are still being widely used on China made e-bikes. “We would like the Chinese e-bike makers to stop using these polluting batteries and want them to stop the export of e-bikes that have lead-acid batteries to Europe.”


The harmonization of the worldwide safety standards for e-bikes is one of the objectives of the COLIBI/COLIPED EPAC Team. This Team was formed three years ago by representatives from the national associations that are member of COLIBI/COLIPED. This Team holds the European safety standard EN 15194 for Electrically Power Assisted Cycles (EPACs) as a starting point.

Next to a worldwide accepted safety standard for e-bikes, also norms on testing procedures have to be determined; again on a harmonized worldwide scale.

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