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No Deal on New EU Dumping Rules

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BRUSSELS, Belgium – Yesterday, negotiations between the European Parliament and the Commission on the EU’s new anti-dumping reform ended without agreement. This failure to reach an agreement is a blow for the Commission’s timeline for adopting the new regulation and could also hamper the impending expiry and subsequently review of the anti-dumping measures against the import of bicycles from the People’s Republic of China. 

No Deal on New EU Dumping Rules
No agreement on EU anti-dumping reforms; impact on expiry and subsequently review current anti-dumping measures? – Photo Bike Europe

Last Tuesday Bike Europe reported on the expiry notice of the anti-dumping measures for the bicycle import from China that are to end June 6, 2018.

This trade journal also noticed that it is to be expected that the European Bicycle Manufacturers’ Association (EBMA) will lodge a requests to the European Commission for an dumping review. The investigation involved in such a review will take up a legally fixed term of 9 months. With that the end of the current 48.5% anti-dumping rate on bikes imported from China is expected for March 2019.

Uncertainty rising

What is to be expected for after March 2019 with regard to a new five year anti-dumping term for the import of bicycles from China is now very unsure as there’s no clarity on the new dumping regulations of the European Union. How these new rules are expected to impact the current anti-dumping measures and the review process has already been reported by this trade journal in online reports.

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