The Birdy will see a Europe-wide launch on 27 June.  - Photo Riese & Müller

Riese & Müller Introduces the New Birdy

WEITERSTADT, Germany – Just in time for the Birdy’s 20th birthday, Riese & Müller introduces the third generation of its premium folding bike. “A...

Riese und Müller老板Heiko Mueller(照片左)和Markus Riese共同表示:「我們預估營業額將從2012年的1千萬歐元在今年達到1400萬歐元。」 - Photo Bike Europe

Riese und Müller高科技新廠啟用

德國,WEITESTADT- 二十年前,Markus Riese和Heiko Müller這兩位工程師從一個折疊腳踏車的專案開創事業;而就在昨天,Riese und Müller公司的全新工廠開始營運。

Riese & Mueller Entering Pedelec Market

Riese & Mueller Entering Pedelec Market

DARMSTADT, Germany - Last Saturday, Riese & Mueller, launched a new range of pedelecs. "After we decided to enter this rapidly growing market it took...