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“The demand was so unusually high last year, that we had no chance to increase capacities short term,” said Bohle’s executive partner Frank Bohle. – Photo Frank Bohle

Schwalbe reports 2020 sales boom due to corona pandemic

REICHSHOF, Germany - As one of the leading bicycle tyre suppliers with their brand Schwalbe, Ralf Bohle GmbH reports a boom in sales after people...

Frank Bohle presents Schwalbe’s green milestones. - Photo Schwalbe/Sabine Kunzer

Bohle/Schwalbe Reports Record Sales

REICHSHOF, Germany - With the e-bike boom continuing and a positive social climate for cycling, Schwalbe supplier Ralf Bohle GmbH recorded...

To facilitate future growth Bohle invests 17 million euro in its international logistics center. – Photo Ralf Bohle

Bohle's Schwalbe Tyre Sales Reach Record Levels

REICHSHOF, Germany - Bicycle tyre supplier Ralf Bohle GmbH, owner of Schwalbe, increased its revenue by nearly 8 percent last year. "The warm and...

One hall is fully dedicated to the production of tubes, while the tyres are made in the second hall. – Photos Bike Europe

Vietnam Facility Gives Schwalbe Opportunity to Expand

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam - Two large halls house the Vietnam facility of the Bohle Group which was opened in 2014. Together with its Korean partner...

‘Great future for cycling lies ahead of us,’ says Ralf Bohle GmbH MD Frank Bohle. – Photo Ralf Bohle

Bohle Reports 'All Signs Point Towards Cycling'

REICHSHOF, Germany - Bicycle tyre supplier Ralf Bohle GmbH, owner of Schwalbe, saw stabilised sales last year. In 2017 the company generated a slight...

New Airless System and its special assembly tools are sold exclusively to specialist retailers that are certified by Schwalbe. – Photo Schwalbe

Schwalbe Takes Airless Tyres To Next Level

UTRECHT, the Netherlands - Schwalbe is launching its Airless System. With it Europe's biggest in bicycle tyres is taking airless to the next level....

“We haven’t left a single stone unturned, not with the formula and even less with the process,” says Markus Hachmeyer on the new compound. – Photo Bohle

Schwalbe Develops Next Generation (E-) MTB Compound

REICHSHOF, Germany - With the development of the Addix compounds, Schwalbe claims to have solved the typical trade-off between grip, rolling...

“The last few months of the year were not enough to make up for the rainy first six months,” said Frank Bohle, MD of Ralf Bohle. – Photo Ralf Bolhe

Frank Bohle: '2016 Results Show Expected Pause in Sales Growth'

REICHSHOF, Germany - Schwable tyres owner Ralf Bohle GmbH reported a small decrease in sales of 5.5% to 171 million euro in 2016. This result is in...

New Vietnam facility offers Bohle possibility to focus more on its 2nd brand; Impac. – Photo Bohle

Bohle's New Vietnam Facility Brings More Than Upped Production

REICHSHOF, Germany - Last spring the Bohle Group celebrated the production start of its new Vietnam facility. Together with its Korean partner Bohle...

印尼Schwalbe工廠的品管。目前Schwalbe位於越南的第二間工廠已正式上線營運。-Photo Bike Europe


德國,REICHSHOF- Bohle 集團看到了自家Schwalbe輪胎的需求每年都在成長;2015年又再度達到兩位數的成長。這產生了需要額外產能的需求。公司對此的因應方式是和其韓國合作夥伴在越南設立新的工廠,目前已「上線營運」。