ZEG自有品牌Bulls和Pegasus即刻起就能在ZEG在瑞士的零售商買得到。- Photo Bike Europe


德國,科隆- 經銷商合作組織ZEG宣布他們進入了瑞士的市場。「我們一直持續我們擴展市場和多元化的策略,這也是讓我們在最近50年營運十分成功的策略。」ZEG總經理Georg Honkomp說。

Effective immediately ZEG’s private label brands Bulls and Pegasus will be available for ZEG retailers in Switzerland. – Photo Bike Europe

ZEG Expands Into Switzerland

COLOGNE, Germany – Dealer cooperative ZEG announces its entrance on the Swiss market. “We consistently continue our strategy of market expansion and...

The Jarifa Bosch 27 Donna is Focus’ answer on rapidly expanding e-MTB market. – Photo Derby Cycle

Focus Targets Female E-MTBers

CLOPPENBURG, Germany – High expectations on market developments made Derby Cycle decide to do more than a line-up of new MY 2016 e-MTB’s, but ones...

E-MTB’s will be all-over at Eurobike as the ZEG Show indicated. – Photo Bike Europe

ZEG Show Previews Eurobike

COLOGNE, Germany – The annual show of the biggest dealer cooperative in Europe, ZEG, which took place July 17 – 20, is not only an important order...

The crowded halls at the opening day of the show suggest that visitor numbers are on par with last year or even a bit up. – Photo Bike Europe

Business as Usual at Eurobike 2014

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – Are we all getting accustomed to the fact that the halls are so crowded that walking is only possible at a very slow pace?...