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成立於1960年的Association of the European Two-Wheeler Parts’ and Accessories’ Industry (COLIPED)和成立於1973年的Association of the European Bicycle Industry (COLIBI)已經合併成為CONEBI。– Photo CONEBI

比利時,布魯塞爾- 歐盟產業協會代表自行車製造商和零組件製造商的COLIBI和COLIPED,為了將布魯塞爾相關產業的利益聯合起來、大聲發聲,這兩個協會合併了,合併之後的新名稱叫做CONEBI。

According to ECF its campaigning has paid off as already 2 billion euro has been put in to the EU budgets 2014 – 2020 for cycling. – Photo Bike Europe

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Last months the European Cyclists Federation (ECF) and its Cycling Industry Club created a new initiative called “A Cycling...

要讓零件製造回到歐洲必須增加供應鏈的靈活性,– Photo Bike Europe

台灣,台北- 「零件製造重回歐盟」是Bike Europe三月號雜誌的標題,電子版已可在Bike-eu.com上瀏覽。為了讓更多零件能在歐洲製造,產業協會COLIBI(歐盟自行車製造商)和COLIPED(零件製造商)正在籌組一個特別的工作小組中。

Bringing parts production back to Europe must increase flexibility in the supply chain. – Photo Bike Europe

TAIPEI, Taiwan – “Bringing Parts Production Back to EU,” is the headline of Bike Europe’s March edition which is now online available at

Look董事總經理 Thierry Fournier (右) 向南京市副市長華靜(左)展示Look最新車型.- Photo AsiaBike

中國,南京- 前兩年亞洲自行車展都是和亞洲戶外展同時舉行,在10月10日到13日第一次獨立舉辦的亞洲自行車展相當成功。「觀眾總人數接近1.2萬名,這個貿易與顧客的展覽展現出它的潛力。」亞洲自行車展主席Knut Jaeger如此說道。

Look General Manager Thierry Fournier (right) showing the latest Look bike to Nanjing mayor Ms. Hua (left).- Photo AsiaBike

NANJING, China – After two editions as side event of the Asia Outdoor, the first stand-alone Asia Bike celebrated a successful 2013 show last October...

AMBE representatives Ignacio Estellés, President of AMBE and co-founder of Rotor Bike Components (left) and David Toledo, Vice-President and Executive Director at Canyon Spain. - Photo AMBE

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Industry associations COLIBI (for bike makers) and COLIPED (for parts makers) recently announced an expansion of their membership.