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「這項交易證明了我們增加Fox產品滲透到現有和相鄰產類別之策略提案的執行,來幫助推動我們的自行車銷售和長期盈利的增加。」股票上市公司Fox Factory控股公司執行長Larry L. Enterline說。「

Fox Factory將收購Race Face和Easton

美國,SCOTTS VALLEY- Fox Factory控股公司將收購Race Face和Easton Cycling企業的所有資產。Race Face/Easton設計、製造和銷售高性能登山車和公路車車輪和其他包括曲柄、車把、豎管和座桿等自行車零組件。

"This transaction demonstrates the execution of our strategic initiatives to increase Fox's product penetration," stated Larry L. Enterline, CEO of stock listed Fox Factory Holding. - Photo Fox Factory

Fox Factory To Acquire Race Face and Easton

SCOTTS VALLEY, USA - Fox Factory Holding Corporation is to acquire all assets of Race Face and Easton Cycling businesses. Race Face/Easton designs,...

Chris Tutton是Easton Cycling的新業主。– Photo Easton Cycling

Easton Cycling出售給Race Face業主

美國,SCOTTS VALLEY- 業界資深人同時也是Race Face Performance Products業主的Christ Tutton從BRG Sports Inc.的手中買下了Easton Cycling的業務。交易的細節並未公開,但預計將在接下來的60天內完成交易。

Chris Tutton is the new owner of Easton Cycling. – Photo Easton Cycling

Easton Cycling Sold to Race Face Owner

SCOTTS VALLEY, USA - Chris Tutton, industry veteran and owner of Race Face Performance Products acquired the Easton Cycling business from BRG Sports...

Easton-BellSports將重心放在旗下的Bell、Blackburn、 Easton Cycling、 Giro 和 Riddell等品牌。– Photo Giro


美國,加州VAN NUYS- Easton-BellSports Inc.即將把棒球與壘球的業務賣給Bauer Performance Sports Ltd.。根據Easton-BellSports執行長Terry Lee表示,這項交易符合了公司重組計畫,此重組計畫也包含了將公司改名為BRG...

Easton-BellSports increases its focus on Bell, Blackburn, Easton Cycling, Giro and Riddell. – Photo Giro

Easton-BellSports Increases Focus on Cycling Brands

VAN NUYS, USA - Easton-BellSports Inc. is selling its baseball & softball business to Bauer Performance Sports Ltd. According to Easton-BellSports...

Outdoor Gear Canada and Vittoria Industries North America widen their business. – Photo Outdoor Gear Canada. - Photo Vittoria

Vittoria Expands Business on North American Market

ST-LAURANT, Canada - Vittoria Industries North America and Outdoor Gear Canada agreed upon a new distribution strategy on the North American market....

Grofa GmbH ‘House of Brands’ managing director Christoph Goebel.

Grofa GM Takes Stake in Bike Action

BAD CAMBERG/RODGAU, Germany - Christoph Goebel (photo) - MD at Grofa GmbH; one of the country's bigger importer - wholesalers - took a stake in Rocky...

Easton-Bell Announces 'Aggressive Pan-European Growth Strategy

Easton-Bell Announces 'Aggressive Pan-European Growth Strategy

Last week Easton-Bell Sports Inc. announced an 'aggressive pan-European growth strategy' for its Giro, Bell, Easton cycling and Blackburn branded...

Nanotechnology moves into bicycles

MAARSSEN, Netherlands - Easton Sports, a manufacturer of sporting goods in the United States with a tradition of innovation, has just launched the...