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At Pro Days, Rebirth Group brand Matra presented its new eMTB range powered by the Yamaha PW-X3 motor. – Photo Michel de Chavanon

Rebirth Group adopts Yamaha for Matra and Solex e-bike models

PARIS, France - Rebirth Group, formerly Easybike Group and founded by Grégory Tréboal, intends to reach new milestones in production volumes in 2024....

The city of Saint Lo invested 3.9 million euro in the Easybike e-bike facility. – Photo Easybike

Easybike Opens New E-bike Factory

SAINT LO, France - Supported by the local community as well as regional authorities, Easybike built a brand new factory completely dedicated to the...

French E-Bike Market Follows the European Trend Upward

French E-Bike Market Follows the European Trend Upward

PARIS, France - In volume and turnover the French bicycle market followed the European trend of growing business last year. Not only bicycles and...

Easybike’s new facility is scheduled to open by mid-2015. – Photo Easybike Group

Easybike Group Acquires E-bike Specialist Matra

SAINT-LÔ, France - Matra Manufacturing & Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lagardère SCA, involved in the manufacturing of e-bikes and electric...

Matra Manufacturing Services 2013年在Romorantin組裝了8000輛電動自行車。– Photo Bike Europe

Easybike 買下了電動自行車製造商Matra

法國,LE BOURGET- Easybike已經和Matra擁有者Lagardère就其位於Romorantin的電動自行車工廠簽署了併購意向書。Matra電動自行車的製造將會移到Easybike位於Saint-Lô的新工廠,該工廠尚未完工,預計將於2015年完工。

In 2013 Matra Manufacturing Services assembled 8,000 e-bikes in Romorantin. – Photo Bike Europe

Easybike Acquires E-Bike Manufacturer Matra

LE BOURGET, France - Easybike signed a letter of intent with Matra owner Lagardère for the acquisition of the e-bike factory in Romorantin. The Matra...

Solex selected the Bosch Drive System
only for its extreme reliability and good
maintainability. - Photo Bike Europe

Solex Sportive E-bike

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany - Solex extended its e-bike range with a line-up of sportive models, de Sport Urban, Sport Trekking, and Sport Dirt.

法國產業振興部長Arnaud Montebourg出席在Easybike Group、 Solex和Mobiky宣佈位於Saint- Lô新工廠的活動上。


法國,SAINT LO- 擁有Solex 電動自行車歐洲經銷與製造權的MGF Easybike Groupe日前併購了折疊自行車製造商Mobiky。Easybike將兩個品牌一起轉合到新運作的工廠裡。

From left to right: Pascal Baisnée, of Mobiky, Gregory Trébaol of Easybike and Arnaud Montebourg the French Minister for industry at the official announcement of the new facility. - Photo Easybike

Easybike Takes Over Mobiky; Opens new Facility

SAINT-LO, France - MGF Easybike Groupe which holds the European distribution and production rights for Solex e-bikes, has taken over folding bike...



法國,LE BOURGET- Solex電動自行車將不再是透過D'Ieteren Sport Group (Power to Wheels)來經銷了。此品牌之歐洲經銷權已由總部位於法國LE BOURGET 的MGF Easybike Group取得。