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New 2BTube controller by ASI

ASI motor controllers return power to your brand

There’s been a dramatic and remarkable shift in who is riding e-bikes, what they’re using them for, and the ride-feel they want. The market nowadays...

Benno Baenziger and his e-cargobike model ‘Boost E’. – photo Mark Clifford

Former Electra Co-Founder Launches Benno Bikes

EL MAR, USA - Benno Baenziger, who was one of the creators of the Electra bike brand, is back with Benno Bikes. It's not an Electra 'replay', but...

Trek行銷經理Hubert Hager:「自行車將還是屬於:『歐洲人的東西』。」– Photo Jo Beckendorff


德國,ULM- Trek德語市場的世界經銷商大會昨天在Ulm閉幕了。Trek Fahrrad GmbH市場行銷經理Hubert Hager表示,電動自行車將還是屬於:「歐洲人的東西」。

Trek Marketing-Manager Hubert Hager: ‘E-bikes will remain a European thing.’ – Photo Jo Beckendorff

Trek: E-Bikes Are 'European Thing

ULM, Germany - At the Trek World dealershow for the German speaking markets that closed its doors yesterday in Ulm, Trek Fahrrad GmbH marketing...

Jack Brandsen, NuVinci's Vice President Sales, has left its position at Fallbrook Technologies Inc./NuVinci. – Photo Fallbrook Technologies

Management Changes at Fallbrook/NuVinci and Electra

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands - Jack Brandsen, NuVinci's Vice President Sales, has left its position end of January at Fallbrook Technologies...

Electra總裁Skip Hess (左) 和歐洲行銷經理 Nicola Bowen:「現在我們可以壯大Electra品牌,讓世界各地的更多人能騎上Electra。」- Photo Bike Europe


美國,WATERLOO- Trek Bike併購了總部位於加州的Electra Bicycle Company。「加入了Trek大家族能為Electra提供商務、物流與資產分配的支援,並確保品牌的成長。」Trek總裁John Burke如此說道。

Electra president Skip Hess (l.) and Nicola Bowen, marketing manager Europa: “we can now grow the Electra brand and get more people everywhere riding Electra.” - Photo Bike Europe

Trek Takes Over Electra

WATERLOO, USA - Trek Bicycle took over the Californian based Electra Bicycle Company. "Joining the Trek family provides Electra with business and...

Electra Recalls Front Tray Bikes

Electra Recalls Front Tray Bikes

WASHINGTON, US - Electra Bicycle Company has announced a voluntary recall of all models with a front trays. Consumers should stop using these bikes...

Skip Hess Back in Bike Industry

VISTA, US - Former president of Giant USA, Skip Hess has become member of the board of directors of Electra Bicycle Company. Hess entered the bike...

Electra Townie Bikes for Europe

Electra Townie Bikes for Europe

Blomson International will introduce Electra Townie Bikes at Eurobike. These bikes are an absolute success in the USA, Blomson’s claim, and...