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Swiss manufacturer Flyer heavily relies on export markets. – Photo Flyer

E-bike manufacturer Flyer lays off quarter of staff as sales drop

HUTTWIL, Switzerland - All market indicators have made clear that the bike boom of 2020-2021 is over and implications for the industry can be...

Although mostly scaled down, some European manufacturers have managed to keep their production going through lockdown measures. - Photo Bike Europe

European bicycle industry anticipating 'back to business'

DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands - Across Europe, countries are taking small steps forwards in reopening their industries. Time to evaluate what impact...

Flyer Upstreet5 in MY 2020 trim comes with Panasonic GX Ultimate motor, known from the Flyer MTBs. – Photo Flyer

Flyer Presents Upstreet5 with Panasonic Ultimate

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany - In hall A6 on stand 102 as well as at the open ground east at stand FG-0/204 where they are available for test rides,...

Flyer/Biketec AG has appointed Christian Gissler as Sales Director France. – Photo Flyer

Flyer To Expand to France

HUTTWIL, Switzerland - Flyer/Biketec AG is expanding its presence in Europe and opening up the French market. The Swiss e-bike pioneer's premium...

‘Long delivery times last year, was one of the main reasons for Flyer’s difficult market position,’ said Biketec’s chairman of the board, Franz Studer. – Photo Peter Hummel

ZEG CEO Honkomp: 'Swiss Production is Basic Flyer Value'

HUTTWIL, Switzerland - The German retail cooperative ZEG took over all shares of e-bike manufacturer Biketec in Emmental from the majority...

Biketec rejuvenated its urban and tour segment for model year 2018. - Photo Peter Hummel

Flyer Modernises 'Tour' And 'Urban' Range

HUTTWIL, Switzerland - Following the MTB offensive for this year, Biketec is now rejuvenating its urban and tour segment for model year 2018....

Andreas Kessler leads Biketec already since April. - Photo Peter Hummel

Andreas Kessler Appointed New Flyer CEO

HUTTWIL, Switzerland - The Board of Directors of the Swiss e-bike manufacturer Biketec AG appointed Andreas Kessler as CEO on October 1. Kessler who...

「我們很高興此次荷蘭的收購,因為這將讓我們更加貼近我們最重要的出口市場。」Biketec 執行長Simon Lehmann說。-Photo Biketec

Flyer 製造商Biketec控制了比荷盧的分銷

瑞士,HUTTWILL- 和最近在奧地利與之前在其他國家所做的事一樣,瑞士電動自行車製造商Biketec AG (Flyer製造商)現在控制了其在比荷盧的分銷網絡;這些國家是其最重要的市場之一。Biketec已經接管了比荷盧進品商Amazing Wheels。

“We are delighted with the Dutch acquisition because it will bring us even closer to our most important export markets,” said Biketec CEO Simon Lehmann. – Photo Biketec

Flyer Producer Biketec Takes Control Over Distribution in Benelux

HUTTWILL, Switzerland - After doing the same in Austria recently and earlier in other countries Swiss e-bike manufacturer Biketec AG (maker of Flyer)...

Christian Müller’s coup; he changes from Stromer to Flyer. – Photo Peter Hummel

Management Changes at Leading Swiss E-Bike Makers

HUTWILL, Switzerland - Flyer producer Biketec has appointed Christian Müller as its new sales manager. Müller is the former CEO of Stromer and widely...