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總裁兼執行長Peter Woods將旗下的娛樂部門的名稱從娛樂/休閒改為Dorel Sports,正全力以赴將焦點放在創新、改變其經營策略上。- Photo Dorel

Dorel 改變了名稱和策略

美國,WILTON - Dorel Industries公司宣佈將旗下的娛樂部門的名稱從娛樂/休閒改為Dorel Sports。這家股票上市的公司正全力以赴將焦點放在創新、改變其經營策略上。

Peter Woods, President and CEO, changed the name of the Recreational/Leisure segment to Dorel Sports and is changing the company’s strategy with an all-out focus on innovation. - Photo Dorel

Dorel Changes Name and Strategy

WILTON, USA - Dorel Industries, Inc. is announcing a change of name for its recreational segment from Recreational/Leisure to Dorel Sports. The...

Dorel has high hopes that its newly launched Cannondale Contro urban bicycles, including an e-bike version, will help continue the company’s growth. – Photo Dorel

E-bikes and MTBs Drive Dorel's Growth

MONTREAL, Canada - Costs to restructure at Cannondale and merge its road racing team were two of the minor dark spots for Dorel Industries'...

Organic revenue increased by approximately 15% year-to-date from Cannondale, Schwinn, Mongoose, GT and Caloi. - Photo Bike Europe

Caloi Acquisition Puts Pressure on Dorel's Earnings

MONTREAL, Canada - "The costs related to the Caloi acquisition in August 2013 have resulted in our earnings to be lower than we hoped to see," said...

對Dorel來說也是一樣,歐洲地區的春天提早到來和良好的天氣,有助於該公司自行車業務從其2013的業績裡反彈。 – Photo Dorel

Dorel 2014年第一季營運強勁

加拿大,蒙特婁- 2014年第一季對於旗下擁有Cannondale、Schwinn、Mongoose、GT和 Caloi等品牌的Dorel Industries來說是個轉捩點,這家總部位於加拿大的公司,今年第一季的營收與淨利都顯示出成長。

Also for Dorel, the early spring and good weather in Europe helps the company’s bike business rebound from its 2013 results. – Photo Dorel

Dorel Starts 2014 With Strong First Quarter

MONTREAL, Canada - The first quarter of 2014 marked a turnaround for Dorel Industries, owner of brands like Cannondale, Schwinn, Mongoose, GT and...

Despite a disappointing 2013, Dorel is positive on 2014. – Photo Bike Europe

Dorel Report Highlights a Disappointing 2013

MONTREAL, Canada - In a press release announcing Q4 and year-end financial results, Dorel President Martin Schwartz was frank in his assessment of...

Robert P. Baird, President of Dorel’s Recreational/Leisure segment left the company. - Photo Dorel

Dorel's Bicycle Segment President Departs

MONTREAL, Canada - Dorel is seeking a new Recreational/Leisure segment President with the departure of Robert P. Baird. He has been serving as...

The recalled Fox forks can be identified by the serial number, which is found on the underside of the crown. – Photo Fox Factory

Third Major Recall Hits Bicycle Industry this Month

WATSONVILLE, USA - Fox Factory is the third American company in the bicycle industry, after SRAM and Trek, who had to issue a voluntary recall this...

Eduardo Musa, current Caloi CEO, stays in charge of the company that will become a production hub for Dorel. Caloi´s factory in Manaus will assemble bikes for the company’s brands, such as Cannondale, Schwinn, Mongoose and GT to serve the Brazilian and export markets.

Dorel Takes Over Brazil's Caloi

MONTREAL, Canada - Dorel Industries Inc. today announces it is acquiring a 70% interest in Caloi, the biggest Brazilian manufacturer of bicycles and...