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Scultura fork went through the test program and got homologation but still failed once on the road. – Photo Merida

ISO Fork Test Not In Line With Daily Usage?

GENEVA, Switzerland - The recall of Merida's 2017 Scultura CF2 carbon fork included a statement by the Taiwanese manufacturer that there is no...

Talks started on getting to a ISO world standard for e-bikes, which is eventually to replace EN 15194. - Photo Sparta

Work on World E-Bike Standard; Plea for Higher Speed

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany - The 1st ISO meeting to get to a world standard for EPACs (electric power assisted cycles) took place last May in Shanghai,...

達成適用於 EPACs 的 ISO 標準並不是單純複製現存歐盟 EN 15194 標準。-Photo Bike Europe

電動自行車 ISO 世界性標準的對話已經開始

中國,上海- 在5月10日,也就是今年中國國際自行車展閉幕後的第一天,一場為期四天、為了制定電動輔助自行車 (EPACs) 的 ISO 世界性標準的會議開始了。預估這將會花上數年來完成電動自行車世界性標準的制定。

Getting to a ISO standard for EPACs is not about making a simple duplication of the already existing European EN 15194 standard. – Photo Bike Europe

Talks Started on ISO World Standard for E-Bikes

SHANGHAI, China - On May 10, the day after this year's China Cycle Show closed its doors, a 4-day conference on getting to a ISO world standard for...

Implemented Taiwan Bicycle Industry Standard is based on ISO 4210. – Photo Bike Europe

'Taiwan Bicycle Industry Standard' Incorporates Global Standards

TAIPEI, Taiwan - "To keep up the competitiveness of our bicycle industry in international markets we have implemented the 'Taiwan Bicycle Industry...

CEN TC 333主席Siegfried Neuberger說:「 舊EN和新ISO標準間的差異沒有那麼大。」-Photo Bike Europe


德國,BAD SODEN- 自行車的安全標準正在全球化。這是由產業利益相關者、測試機構、來自歐洲、美洲和亞洲大學的專家長期討論後的結果。第一個ISO 4210-2在2015年9月1日已經公佈。這是城市/旅行/登山/公路和年青人自行車所適用的安全標準。

ISO標準將只會納入時速25公里和250瓦特的電動自行車。-Photo Bike Europe


德國,BAD SODEN- 就像普通自行車一樣,適用於電動自行車的安全標準也將全球化。然而,自行車適用的標準已經生效,但電動自行車的全球化標準距離實現仍有一段很長的路要走。還有個問題就是電動自行車的哪些類別適用於新ISO標準?

CEN TC 333 Chairman Siegfried Neuberger, ‘Differences between old EN and new ISO standard are not that big.’ – Photo Bike Europe

Safety Standards for Bicycles Getting Globalized

BAD SODEN, Germany - The safety standards for bicycles are being globalized. It is the result of a long term discussion between industry...

ISO standard will cover 25 km/h and 250 Watt e-bikes only. – Photo Bike Europe

Also New ISO Standard for E-Bikes to Come

BAD SODEN, Germany - Like with regular bicycles also the safety standards for e-bikes are being globalized. However, as the ones for bicycles are...

Bike Europe’s newest edition is now digitally available. – Photo Bike Europe

Bike Europe's Newest Edition Now Digitally Available

DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands - Bike Europe's newest edition reports on bike sales at various Eastern European markets; on Asia Bike, Cosmo Bike,...