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Cargo bikes was the fastest growing product category for Accell Group in 2021. - Photo Accell Group

Accell Group reports strong 2021 results, but points out today's...

HEERENVEEN, the Netherlands - "While demand across our regions and product categories remained strong in 2021, we cannot close our eyes for the...

Two laserbeams are at the bike’s rear end projected on the road. – Photo Koga

V-Light Increases Visibility of E-Bikes

HEERENVEEN, the Netherlands - Koga, Accell's premium brand, is introducing 'V-Light' whichn is a nedw lighting technology specifically targeted for...

It is expected that next to Accell Group lots of other bike and P&A makers will also raise their prices. - Photo Bike Europe

Accell in the Netherlands Raises Retail Prices

HEERENVEEN, the Netherlands - Today Accell Nederland BV notifies its dealers that it is raising the recommended retail prices for the bicycles made...

The Koga E-Special comes with three battery options. – Photo Koga

Koga To Introduce New ION Technology E-bikes

HEERENVEEN, the Netherlands - The E-Tour and the E-Special are Koga's new e-bikes with ION Drive. Both models have an entirely new frame design with...

正當高速電動車市場快速成熟之際,Koga E-XLR8是加入這個產品數量快速成長的最新車款。– Photo Koga


荷蘭,阿姆斯特丹- 高速電動輔助自行車的產品(越來越多人稱之為高速電動自行車)正快速成長中。在歐洲引領潮流的電動自行車市場-荷蘭-有眾多品牌正進入這個電動自行車市場的新區塊。

Koga E-XLR8 is the latest one joining the fast growing offering in speed e-bikes as this e-bike market segment is rapidly maturing. – Photo Koga

Industry Sets Sight on Speed E-Bikes

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands - The offering in speed pedelecs (more and more referred to as speed e-bikes) is growing rapidly. In Europe's trendsetting...

Accell’s cycling experience centre is expected to attract 100,000 visitors every year. – Photo Accell Netherlands

Accell Netherlands to Open Cycling Experience Centre

EDE, the Netherlands - 'De Fietser' (the cyclist) is the name of Accell Netherlands latest initiative to boost the bicycle trade and industry. The...

電動自行車系統供應商TranzX回應了「Bosch效應」。該公司使用他們的M25中置馬達提供電動自行車製造商各種設計選項方案。– Photo Bike Europe


台灣,台北- 今年三月初台北國際自行車展就指出電動自行車正在兩輪車輛的各個類別中嶄露頭角。中置馬達電動自行車系統的產品如雨後春筍般出現,很快地在各個價格區間都見得到其身影。

Accell Group’s booth at the mid April held China Cycle Show. The holding’s subsidiaries managed to reduce their working capital considerably compared to 2013. – Photo Bike Europe

Accell Starts 2014 with Higher Revenue & Result

HEERENVEEN, the Netherlands - Today Accell Group NV announces it saw both turnover and result increase in the first months of 2014 compared to the...

Gazelle總經理Jaap Merkus為荷蘭產業協會RAI自行車部門董事會新任主席。– Photo RAI


荷蘭,阿姆斯特丹- 在今年三月底的RAI成員大會上,Gazelle總經理Jaap Merkus被推選為荷蘭產業協會自行車部門的新主席。