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The Roxim Dynamic Signature light, RXS-01. – Photo Roxim

Roxim launches dynamic headset light

TAIPEI, Taiwan – At Taipei Cycle, Roxim introduces a new bicycle lighting technology, Dynamic Signature, to enable a new dimension of brand...

"We have shifted to toxic-free materials and environmentally friendly production processes."

Litemove's e-bike lights are turning green

Litemove, the manufacturer of innovative high-tech bicycle lights, is going green with its next-generation products.

Leave the darkness behind

Leave the darkness behind

Litemove designs LED lights for the global bicycle industry. Founded in 2019, the company is based in Taiwan. "We are a young energetic company...

Roxim developed the R7EA rear smart light with multiple functions. – Photo Bike Europe

Roxim brings diffused lighting to e-bikes

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Mobility lighting systems specialist Roxim has developed the R7EA rear smart light with multiple functions. This e-bike light...

The R7EA complies with the strict German road regulations StVZO. – Photo Roxim

Roxim develops R7EA auto-brake rear light

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Thanks to strong ties with the automotive industry, Taiwan based Roxim includes the latest technology in its recently developed...

The integrated Spanninga rear light is a key feature of SKS Germany’s new Infinity luggage carrier. – Photo Spanninga

SKS Germany integrates Spanninga rear light on new luggage carrier

JOURE, The Netherlands - Bicycle accessory manufacturer, SKS Germany, has launched a new integrated luggage carrier system named Infinity. The...

Incorporating the latest LED technology, Cannondale opted to integrate Spanninga’s custom-made daytime running light into the Mavaro Neo. – Photo Cannondale

Spanninga customises lights for Cannondale's Mavaro Neo

JOURE, the Netherlands - Cannondale's latest Mavaro Neo with its built-in intelligent daytime running light is the latest custom-made project from...

The Darkbuster E1 allows 10 times the brightness than regular e-bike front light. - Photo Brightstartw

Darkbuster E1 e-bike light compliant to EMC vehicles standards

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The Darkbuster E1 e-bike light features high level protection against dust, sand, dirt and is corrosion resistant. Developed by...

The brightness of the Edge brake light is more than five times as high as that of the rear light. - Photo Büchel

Büchel's integrated sensor-controlled brake light meets new guidelines

FULDA, Germany - The Büchel Edge rear light with integrated Z reflector, is the first sensor-controlled brake light for bicycles in accordance with...

Marwi (Union) components for various e-bike categories includes saddles, pedals and lights. – Photo Bike Europe

E-Bike Components Made by Marwi

TAICHUNG, Taiwan - Underlining that Taiwan's bicycle industry stands at the start of a whole new era in e-bikes, one of the country's biggest parts...