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Bike Europe
Over the first four months Taiwan still reported a hike in e-bike exports, but after that the market changed drastically. – Photo Bike Europe

Taiwan e-bike exports slow down

TAIPEI, Taiwan – The export volume of e-bikes from Taiwan continues to increase, although the latest statistics show some remarkable changes. From...

Demand for Taiwan-made bicycles decreased at such a level that the higher price per product was not enough anymore to compensate for the loss in volume. – Photo Bike Europe

E-Bike Upcoming Category for Taiwan

TAIPEI, Taiwan – The transition of Taiwan from a bicycle to e-bike exporting country has really picked up. Nevertheless, statistics from the...

The Taiwanese e-bike industry has gained a foothold in the mid to high-end of the market.

E-Bikes the Future for Taiwan?

TAIPEI, Taiwan – For many years, the increase of the average value per unit compensated the bicycle manufacturers for the decrease in export volumes....

Taiwan Bicycle Export Stabilizing

Taiwan Bicycle Export Stabilizing

TAIPEI, Taiwan – For a third year in a row Taiwan’s bicycle industry exports declined in volume. Nevertheless statistics from the country’s Bureau of...