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Fox CEO Larry Enterline, ‘This transaction will allow Fox to drive increased top-line growth and profitability.’ – Photo Fox

Marzocchi Goes To Fox

SCOTTS VALLEY, USA - Since last July's announcement by owner Tenneco to stop with Marzocchi speculations on who's to take-over the renowned...

Photo: 為什麼Tenneco決定於今年年底終止營運之後還在歐洲自行車展投資一個攤位? – Photo Bike Europe


美國,LAKE FOREST- Tenneco Inc.在今年七月發表聲明說停止Marzocchi登山車的製造和摩托車前叉避震的業務並清算其Marzocchi業務,此舉在自行車產業裡造成很多動蕩。預計在Interbike會有針對到底發生了什麼事的澄清。

Why did Tenneco invest in such a booth at Eurobike after they have decided to cease the operation by the end of this year? – Photo Bike Europe

Tenneco Statement on Marzocchi Expected at Interbike

LAKE FOREST, USA - The announcement by Tenneco Inc. last July to discontinue its Marzocchi MTB and motorcycle fork suspension business and to...

In 2009 Marzocchi bike forks were produced at Suntour and shocks at Hodaka. At that time it was said production was to return to Bologna. – Photo Marzocchi

Tenneco Stops with Marzocchi; Take-Over Discussions Started

LAKE FOREST, USA - Tenneco Inc. announces its intention to discontinue its Marzocchi Mountainbike and motorcycle fork suspension business and to...

Marzocchi Moves Production to Hodaka

Marzocchi Moves Production to Hodaka

BOLOGNA, Italy - To flex assembly according to market requirements and shorten time to market Tenneco Inc. decided to move the production of...

SR Suntour Becomes Biggest in Bike Suspension

SR Suntour Becomes Biggest in Bike Suspension

TAICHUNG, Taiwan - With over 6 million suspension forks produced and sold in 2008 SR Suntour is well under way to become the biggest in bike...

Tenneco Acquires Marzocchi

Tenneco Acquires Marzocchi

LAKE FOREST, US - The Italian suspension fork systems Marzocchi will be taken over by Tenneco Inc. The agreement announced today is the initial step...

Augusta Bikes Germany's Bankruptcy Does Not Affect Augusta Benelux

LEIDEN, Netherlands (26 May 2000)--The bankruptcy of German bicycle distributor Augusta Bike GmbH will have no affect on Augusta Benelux. According...