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From January to September, Mavic’s net sales in the cycling category was stable.

Amer Sports Sees Stable Cycling Business

HELSINKI, Finland - Sports equipment maker Amer Sports Corp., whose brand line-up in the category cycling includes Mavic, saw its third-quarter net...

Main feature of the Ride-On are the brand presentations from November 6th till 8th. - Photo Ride-On

Bosch Selects Ride-On for Bike Week Event

TAICHUNG, Taiwan - Ride-On is the second industry event to take place next week in Taichung, Taiwan. This year the group of fifteen brands will be...

2013年Amer Sports將有數家暢貨中心、品牌專賣店和網路商店投入營運 - Photo: Amer Sports

Amer Group (Mavic):重心置於「全方位通路」零售策略

芬蘭,赫爾辛基-旗下有法國Salomon Group(擁有著名品牌Mavic)、體育器材品牌Suunto的芬蘭Amer Sports Group發表聲明:「本公司將利用工廠暢貨中心和電子商務,透過銷售和經銷來擴展其B2C業務,以強化集團的商業基礎。」

In 2013, Amer Sports will be opening several outlets, brand-stores and web-stores. - Photo: Amer Sports

Amer Group (Mavic): Focus on 'Omni-Channel' Retailing

HELSINKI, Finland - Finnish Amer Sports Group - owner of French Salomon Group with (among others) Mavic as well as sports instrument brand Suunto -...

In the past years the industry has been confronted with technical regulations by the UCI. - Photo UCI

WFSGI Meeting on UCI Issues At Taipei Cycle

TAIPEI, Taiwan - The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) invites industry visitors of the Taipei Cycle Show to attend the seminar...

WFSGI Secretary General, Robbert de Kock welcomed last year’s 15 new members of which nine originated from the bicycle industry.

WFSGI Welcomes New Bicycle Industry Members

MUNICH, Germany - The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) draws a positive balance for 2012 at its general assembly during ISPO...



芬蘭,赫爾辛基- Amer Sports的財務報告顯示,Mavic 2012淨銷售額成長了5%,從2011年1.205億歐元增加到去年的1.29億歐元。Amer Sports旗下除了擁有Mavic之外,還擁有Salomon、Atomic和Arc'teryx等品牌。

In Europe, Middle East and Africa, Mavic increased its revenue by 6%.

Mavic Sales up by 5% in 2012

HELSINKI, Finland - According to Amer Sports' financial statements over 2012 Mavic's net sales increased by 5% from 120.5 million euro in 2011 to 129...


New Dates Ride-On

TAICHUNG, Taiwan - To anticipate on a growing need for earlier bike spec'ing the Ride-On OEM product presentation, which is about to take place...



Amer體育用品的自行車部門,今年第二季度表現亮眼。從4月份到6月份,Mavic 自行車季度淨銷售額總計2,790萬歐元,較去年同期增加17%。Mavic在車輪與自行車鞋展現了強勁的成長。Amer體育用品也同時報導,所有區域的銷售額都成長了。