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With the 3rd facility of Ming Cycle China the company is able to produce more than two million bicycles annually in China. Ming Cycle is owner of Strida. – Photo Bike Europe

Ming Cycle Opens 3rd Facility in China

According to Changzhou National Hi-Tech District with this 3rd facility Ming Cycle has now over 150 million US dollar invested in its production...

Ming Cycle Targets Children's and e-Bike Segments with New Products

Ming Cycle Targets Children's and e-Bike Segments with New Products

Ming Cycle is targeting the market for balance bikes and beginners with a single product. And, it's hoping that a pair of e-bike designs will be a...

Ming Cycle wants to emphasize that the construction of the new facility in Changzhou, China has nothing to do with the current anti-dumping measures for bikes made in China that are exported to Europe. – Photo Bike Europe

Correction on Ming Cycle Report

CHANGZHOU, China - On June 3 Bike Europe reported on the groundbreaking ceremony for the third bike factory of Ming Cycle Industrial Co. Ltd in...

今年4月永祺車業與約200名國際貴賓在中國第三座廠房之破土典禮上齊聚一堂。- Photo Ming Cycle


中國,常州- 永祺車業股份有限公司已經開始建設其位於中國的第三座工廠。永祺車業進一步在中國投資,因為該公司預計當前歐盟對中國進口自行車課徵48.5%的反傾銷稅將於2016年6月取消。

EBMA Chairman Brian Montgomery: ‘The current antidumping term on PRCs originated bicycles started on 5th June 2013, and it is going to be valid for 5 years, so until June 2018.’ – Photo Bike Europe

Dumping Duties on China Bike Import Ends in 2018

BRUSSELS, Belgium - Bike Europe reported last Tuesday's (June 3) on Ming Cycle preparing for an end on the dumping duties on bikes imported from...

Last April Ming Cycle celebrated with about 200 international guests the groundbreaking ceremony for its 3rd factory in China. - Photo Ming Cycle

Ming Cycle Prepares for End on China Dumping Duties

CHANGZHOU, China - Ming Cycle Industrial Co. Ltd. has started the construction of the company's third facility in China. Ming Cycle invests further...

Ming Cycle’s Taiwan operation is now capable of producing 300,000 high-end bikes annually

Ming Cycle Ready for (e-Bike) Future

With a newly constructed hall now in full production swing at its facility in Taichung, Taiwan Ming Cycle is ready to take on every challenge in...

Strida Gear Box Inside Bottom Bracket

Strida Gear Box Inside Bottom Bracket

In a joint project Ming Cycle and Sun Race developed the KS-3, an internal gear box inside the bottom bracket. Shifting between the three gears takes...

New Ridea Cranksets

New Ridea Cranksets

Ming Sue Precision Industry Co. Ltd., maker of Ridea cranksets, will be showing three new cranksets-types at Taipei Cycle.

Ming Cycle Preparing for e-Bike Boom

Ming Cycle Preparing for e-Bike Boom

Ming Cycle in Taiwan is preparing for the worldwide boom in e-Bikes with the construction of a new assembly hall next to its existing factory in...