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ZEG自有品牌Bulls和Pegasus即刻起就能在ZEG在瑞士的零售商買得到。- Photo Bike Europe


德國,科隆- 經銷商合作組織ZEG宣布他們進入了瑞士的市場。「我們一直持續我們擴展市場和多元化的策略,這也是讓我們在最近50年營運十分成功的策略。」ZEG總經理Georg Honkomp說。

Effective immediately ZEG’s private label brands Bulls and Pegasus will be available for ZEG retailers in Switzerland. – Photo Bike Europe

ZEG Expands Into Switzerland

COLOGNE, Germany - Dealer cooperative ZEG announces its entrance on the Swiss market. "We consistently continue our strategy of market expansion and...

E-MTB’s will be all-over at Eurobike as the ZEG Show indicated. – Photo Bike Europe

ZEG Show Previews Eurobike

COLOGNE, Germany - The annual show of the biggest dealer cooperative in Europe, ZEG, which took place July 17 - 20, is not only an important order...

The ZEG show in the Köln Messe breathed a lively and open business atmosphere; completely contrary to the closed ZEG booth in previous years in Munich. – Photo Bike Europe

ZEG Bike Show Celebrates Return to Köln Messe

COLOGNE, Germany - "We are glad to be back in our home town with our own bike show," said ZEG CEO Georg Honkomp in his opening speech at the ZEG Bike...

Hercules ‘sonder modelle’ or special models are made for ZEG members at the Accell facility in Hungary. – Photo Bike Europe

ZEG's Honkomp and Winora's Puello on Hercules Takeover

COLOGNE, Germany - Both ZEG CEO Georg Honkomp and Susanne Puello, CEO of Accell Germany/Winora Group have issued statements on the ZEG takeover of...

Pegasus品管團隊將會參訪ZEG在越南的商業夥伴,視察其工作環境。– Photo ZEG


德國,COLOGNE- 位於越南,與歐洲最大經銷商ZEG合作的Pegasus自行車的工廠的工作情況為何?這是由前Porsche執行長Wendelin Wiedeking領軍的Pegasus品管團隊此次前往參訪位於胡志明市工廠的主要原因。

Seven members of the Pegasus quality team will visit ZEG’s business partner in Vietnam to see the working conditions for themselves. – Photo ZEG

ZEG Transparent on Vietnamese Production Site

COLOGNE, Germany - What are the working conditions in the Vietnamese factory where the Pegasus bicycles for Europe's biggest dealer cooperative ZEG...

Due to the various testing methods there is a lot of difference in test results.’ – Photo Bike Europe

ZEG Initiates E-Bike Dedicated Testing Standard

COLOGNE, Germany - ZEG, Europe's biggest dealer cooperative, wants to accomplish a cross-industry testing standard dedicated to e-bikes.

During the tests frames, handlebars and rear fork ends broke. - Photo ADAC

ADAC Calls E-bike Test Results Disastrous

MÜNICH, Germany - Yesterday, the powerful German Automobile Tourist club ADAC and the consumer organization 'Stiftung Warentest' published dramatic...

Over 20 e-bike brands will take part at the ExtraEnergy Test IT Show at the special exhibition “E-Bikes for Smart Cities” which is part of the world’s leading high-tech event CeBit. - Photo ExtraEnergy

E-Bikes Featured at World's Leading Digital Event

HANNOVER, Germany - "E-bikes for Smart Cities" is the theme of ExtraEnergy's presentation at the CeBIT 2013. Visitors can expect the ExtraEnergy Test...