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Lars Munksoe started new e-bike company; Positive Energies. – Photo Positive Energies

New company to Add Positive Energy to E-Bike Market

SILKEBORG, Denmark - The man behind it has been involved in e-bikes right from the start of this new category and is also known as an inventor of...

Diavelo MTB is, according to Protanium one of the world’s lightest electric Mountainbikes. – Photo Protanium

Diavelo Aims on Breaking Records

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany - At booth FG-O - 406 Protanium is showing its Diavelo MTB with which the company is aimed at creating one of the worlds...

The Diavelo model Au2Bahn. - Photo Diavelo

Carbon Dry Enter Bicycle Market

Carbon Dry Japan, a leading high tech dry carbon fiber component maker for the automotive industry is entering the market for high-end e-bikes and...

Diavelo Offers 'World's Lightest S-Pedelec

Diavelo Offers 'World's Lightest S-Pedelec

The weight of the complete Diavelo S-Pedelec stands at only 14.5 kilogram. The frame is made of autoclave processed carbon fibre with a layer of...

The Diavelo brand is managed by Dutch based Protanium b.v – Photo Carbon Dry

Automotive Carbon Producer Enters E-bike Market

AICHI, Japan - Carbon Dry Japan, a leading high tech dry carbon fiber component maker for the automotive industry is entering the market for high-end...

兩家企業的合作範圍除了聯合發展電動自行車電池組及其生產製造外, Protanium還將會是Samsung SDI電動自行車電池在歐盟區銷售和提供服務的代表。 (從左到右: 來自Protanium的Brian Hoehl, Lars Munksoe和Samsung SDI全球銷售副總裁Kiho Hahn). - Photo Samsung

Samsung SDI和Protanium展開合作

韓國,首爾- 主要的電池製造商大廠Samsung SDI和Protanium BV宣布他們已經進入合作的關係。Protanium是一家總部位於荷蘭的企業,聚焦於在電動自行車及電池的創新技術和設計。

The cooperation between Samsung SDI and Protanium involves the joint development of electric-bicycle battery packs as well production and sales and services with Protanium being the European representative for Samsung SDI e-bike batteries. (from left to right: Brian Hoehl, Lars Munksoe from Protanium and Kiho Hahn, VP Global Sales, Samsung SDI). - Photo Samsung

Samsung SDI and Protanium Start Cooperation

SEOUL, Korea - Major battery maker Samsung SDI and Protanium BV, an in The Netherlands based e-bike and e-bike battery maker which focuses strongly...

Protanium shaft drive system

Benchmark Drives to Sell Protanium in Germany

HOFHEIM, Germany - Benchmark Drives obtained the exclusive sales rights for Protanium's new shaft drive system in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Protanium Diavelo

Protanium Debuts Speed Bike Brand Diavelo

Branded Diavelo, developed by Protanium is one of the lightest in its class. The bike is equipped with high end components. Some of them are even in...

Protanium E-bike Drive System

Innovative Shaft Drive System for E-Bikes

NIJMEGEN, Netherlands - Whether it will be widely used in many brands of electric bikes is still unclear. But fact is that e-bike systems supplier...