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Samsung SDI started to build facilities for the pilot project to make sold state batteries. – Photo Samsung

Samsung SDI to roll out safer than lithium-ion battery technology

SEOUL, South Korea - South Korean battery maker Samsung SDI has said it will roll out solid-state batteries early next year in its pilot production...

Featuring innovative Samsung cells emco claims that its new li-ion battery offers 30% more capacity. – Photo emco

New Li-Ion Battery To Offer 30% More Range

LINGEN, Germany - German e-scooter maker emco claims that its new li-ion battery offers such more capacity that the potential range if its e-scooters...

Samsung SDI acquired the battery business of Magna International. This company owns Energy Propulsion Systems Inc. with its BionX brand. – Photo Samsung

Samsung SDI Acquires Austrian Battery Maker MSBS

SEOUL, South-Korea - Samsung SDI - as global leader in battery cells and modules - has acquired the battery pack business of Canadian Magna...

三星尚無將此概念智慧型自行車量產到市場的打算。– Photo Samsung


荷蘭,阿姆斯特丹- 和義大利Maestro Academy緊密合作的電子巨擘三星已經開發出一台自行車,上面搭載了所有你想得到的電子設備。這輛智慧型自行車配備有雷射可以投射在道路上,讓其他路上的使用者都可以清楚地看到騎士。

Samsung has no plans to take this concept smart bike to the market. – Photo Samsung

Samsung's Vision on Future Cycling

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands - In close cooperation with the Italian Maestro Academy electronics giant Samsung has developed a bicycle equipped with...


Euro Crisis Doesn't Seem To Affect Eurobike 2012

Will it be business as usual at the 2012 Eurobike show; or are we all dancing on a vulcano due to the euro crisis? Will price increases be the...




Drive system E-bike Bosch AEG Samsung

AEG and Samsung Line-Up for e-Bike Market

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands - More names from the electronics industry are making their debut on the European e-bike market at next months Eurobike...