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Scicon為ASG International SRL的旗下品牌。-照片來源 Scicon

義大利,羅馬諾德澤利諾(Romano D’ezzelino)-南非專營企業發展有限公司SAED投資大量金額於發行Scicon品牌旅行包的公司ASG International SRL。

Scicon is a brand of ASG International SRL. - Photo Scicon

ROMANO D’EZZELINO, Italy – The South African Enterprise Development Proprietary Limited (SAED) invested an undisclosed amount in ASG International...

Scicon Technical Bags宣布了專為自行車產業裡全職員工提供的購買計畫– Photo Scicon

義大利,ROMANO d’EZZELINO- 自行車車袋製造商Scicon Technical Bags宣布了專為自行車產業裡全職員工提供的購買計畫,該計畫命名為Scicon 業界員工購買計畫。

Scicon Set New Standard for Saddlebags

Made of fiberglass and silicon, the Aeron[a]ut is not just any ordinary saddlebag, but an all new model that hat rewrites the rules of the saddlebag...