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There were a few notable absentees including Trek and the Pon.Bike family of famous brands.

Record number of foreign brands at Sea Otter Classic

MONTEREY, USA - With the US lacking a well-attended Eurobike-like event, Sea Otter is now a must attend event of the North American cycling season...

Innovations on display at this year’s Sea Otter Classic included Alpen's Bike Capsule for safe and protected storage of e-bikes. - Photo Bike Europe

Sea Otter Classic gains new impetus from e-bike growth in US market

MONTEREY, US - Sea Otter Classic is now the most attended outdoor festival, consumer show, racing venue and all around cycling celebration event in...

Sea Otter Classic net event hit by Coronavirus. – Photo Bike Europe

Sea Otter Classic Rescheduled Due to Coronavirus

MONTEREY, USA - The Coronavirus has hit the next international bicycle show. Sea Otter Classic will not take place from April 16 - 19. This was...

Girona and the Costa Brava will prove to be an ideal setting for all brands eager to get close to cycling enthusiasts. – Photo Sea Otter Europe

Get Close to Cycling Enthusiasts at Sea Otter Europe

GIRONA, Spain - The appeal of the European edition of Sea Otter Classic, which is visiting Europe for the first time, has sparked the interest of the...

US Sea Otter Classic就像個超大型的展示日。-圖片來源Bike Europe

美國戶外自行車大會Sea Otter Classic轉往歐洲

美國,蒙特雷(Monterey)-富有名譽的美國自行車大會(Sea Otter Classic)昨日宣佈明年將轉往歐洲舉行。明年將會於6月3、4日在位於西班牙赫羅納(Girona)的布拉瓦海岸(Costa Brava)舉行歐洲自行車大會(Sea Otter Europe)。

US Sea Otter Classic is like huge Demo Day. – Photo Bike Europe

US Outdoor Expo Sea Otter Turns To Europe

MONTEREY, USA - The renowned US Sea Otter Classic show announced yesterday that it is turning to Europe. Sea Otter Europe is to take place at the...

Next year’s Sea Otter Classic is scheduled for April 20-23, 2017 – Photo Sea Otter

Sea Otter Announces 2017 Dates

MONTEREY, USA - Next year's Sea Otter Classic in the US will be held one week later compared to the dates of the 2016 event. The 2017 Sea Otter...

Pon Bike旗下自行車品牌之一的Gazelle在美國西雅圖展展出其城市風格的電動自行車。並可提供試騎服務。-Photo Bike Europe

美國西雅圖展(Sea Otter Show)電動自行車受到矚目,人數爆棚

美國,蒙特羅- 美國的電動自行車是不是正在轉變?如果以上星期的美國西雅圖展(Sea Otter Classic Show)為指標的話,那此問題的答案就是肯定的。然而,那是將電動自行車的參展商數量納入考量而論的話。

Gazelle, one of the Pon bike brands, presented its city styled e-bikes at Sea Otter. They were available for test drives. – Photo Bike Europe

US Sea Otter Show Sees Striking High E-Bike Turn-Out

MONTEREY, USA - Is something shifting in the United States regarding electric bicycles? If last week's Sea Otter Classic show is an indicator the...

加大尺寸的輪胎能有更多的抓地力與強化的避震性能表現。-Photo Schwalbe


荷蘭,阿姆斯特丹- 上週末在加州Monterey舉辦的Sea Otter Festival推出了新類型的登山車輪胎-「加大」尺寸的登山車胎。此大尺寸車胎提供了額外的避震效果,但又不必犧牲掉可用性。這在登山車界裡算是炒作還是一種新趨勢?