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Dorel divests its performance apparel lines to focus on its core business. – Photo Sugoi

Dorel Sports Sells Sugoi and Sombrio to Louis Garneau

MONTRÉAL, Canada - Dorel Industries has sold the Sugoi and Sombrio brands to Louis Garneau Sports. The company is divesting its performance apparel...

‘Purchasing patterns of US IBDs are changing significantly,’ said Dorel President and CEO Martin Schwartz at the presentation of third quarter results. – Photo Bike Europe

Dorel Reports Sharply Deteriorating Results

MONTREAL, Canada - Dorel's Sports segment, including the brands Cannondale, Schwinn, Mongoose, GT, Caloi, and Sugoi, continues to put heavy pressure...

「我們巴西子公司Caloi面臨到充滿挑戰性的經濟狀況,包括了通膨上升和巴西貨幣里拉的貶值。」 Dorel 總裁兼執行長Martin Schwartz說。

Dorel 2015的業績表現因匯率波動而蒙上陰影

加拿大,蒙特婁- Dorel 2015的業績表現因匯率波動而蒙上陰影。Dorel 總裁Martin Schwartz在2015年公布業績時說:「不利的匯率衝擊到我們的盈餘約達4300萬美元。」

‘Our Brazilian subsidiary Caloi faced a challenging economy, including rising inflation and the devaluation of the Brazil real,’ said Dorel President and CEO Martin Schwartz.

Dorel's 2015 Results Overshadowed by Challenging Currency Rates

MONTREAL, Canada - Dorel's 2015 financial results are overshadowed by challenging currency rates. "The adverse exchange rates impacted our earnings...

總裁兼執行長Peter Woods將旗下的娛樂部門的名稱從娛樂/休閒改為Dorel Sports,正全力以赴將焦點放在創新、改變其經營策略上。- Photo Dorel

Dorel 改變了名稱和策略

美國,WILTON - Dorel Industries公司宣佈將旗下的娛樂部門的名稱從娛樂/休閒改為Dorel Sports。這家股票上市的公司正全力以赴將焦點放在創新、改變其經營策略上。

Eurobike’s fashion show in the East Foyer will show three times a day what cyclists will be wearing next season. – Photo Bike Europe

Newest Bikewear Trends at Eurobike

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany - Very casual and yet highly fashionable. Anyone who rides a bike wants to do so in style. The Eurobike will present the...

Despite a disappointing 2013, Dorel is positive on 2014. – Photo Bike Europe

Dorel Report Highlights a Disappointing 2013

MONTREAL, Canada - In a press release announcing Q4 and year-end financial results, Dorel President Martin Schwartz was frank in his assessment of...

Robert P. Baird, President of Dorel’s Recreational/Leisure segment left the company. - Photo Dorel

Dorel's Bicycle Segment President Departs

MONTREAL, Canada - Dorel is seeking a new Recreational/Leisure segment President with the departure of Robert P. Baird. He has been serving as...

Sugoi RSE and RSX NeoShell Jackets. - Photo Sugoi

Sugoi Solution to Stay Dry Under Any Condition

BURNABY, Canada - Finding a jacket that keeps dry outside and inside is not easy. Keep the rain away with a hard shell jacket and it feels like a...

Dorel預計剩下的半年將可以在自行車部分看到財務數據的改善。因為公司的旗艦品牌Cannondale一直都是公司的中流砥柱。- Photo Cannondale