“Tubus will continue as an independent company within the Hebie Group,” said Hebie general manager Dirk Niermann. – Photo Bike Europe

Hebie Acquires Carrier Specialist Tubus

BIELEFELD, Germany – Within one year after Hebie’s announcement to discontinue its luggage carriers for the after-market, the company returns to this...

Tubus goes dealer direct in Germany. – Photo tubus

Tubus Goes Dealer Direct on Home Market

MÜNSTER, Germany – The well-known manufacturer of high-end bicycle luggage carriers Tubus announced a change in its sales strategy. In a statement...

在上週越南排華暴動中,Bor Yueh International在這些受損公司中,是損傷最為嚴重的。– Photo Bor Yueh


越南,平陽- 暴動發生的地點在接近胡志明市的工業區內,區內幾乎所有的工廠都與生產自行車產品有關。當地報紙報導說,這是近年來最嚴重的暴動,有440人因此受到羈押。

Tubus Integrates Rearlight in Carrier

Tubus Carrier Systems has combined its bicycle luggage carriers with the latest LineTec-lighting technology from Busch & Mueller. The lighting system...