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WFSGI Announces New Saddle Committee Chair

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OSTERMUNDIGEN, Switzerland – The World Federation Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) announces a new Chair and Vice-Chair for its Saddle Committee, which is part of the Bicycle Committee. 

WFSGI Announces New Saddle Committee Chair
Saddle Committee Vice-Chairman Piet van der Velde. - Photo Bike Europe

WFSGI’s Bicycle Committee gathers the major leading brands and allows them to have a global representation on all levels (Sport, Social and Environmental issues). The Committee is the voice of the bicycle industry towards the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The Bicycle Committee encompasses the following sub-committees:

  • Steering Committee
  • Technical Committee (incl. Working Group on Aerodynamics & Weight limitation and Disc Brakes)
  • Wheel Committee
  • Saddle Committee
  • WFSGI as industry representation in the UCI Equipment Commission
  • Legal: IP rights violations and protection – WFSGI Online Brand Abuse Project with Convey
  • CR: supply chain and suppliers manufacturing process
  • Cooperation with bicycle related advocacy organizations
  • Cooperation with ISO/CEN on bicycle standards

New Chairman and Vice-Chairman

For its Saddle Committee the vacant positions for Chair and Vice-Chair have now been fulfilled on the basis of proposals by the Bicycle Committee members. Following discussions that took place over the last few months the new Chairman and Vice-chairman haven been appointed by the Bicycle Committee members. They are as Chairman David Bunce and Piet van der Velde as Vice-Chairman.

David Bunce

David Bunce is Operations Commander at ISM Saddles. He says “I’ve worked in the bicycle industry for the past 22 years, starting in retail while attending university. Eventually, I switched gears and worked for a wheel and aerobar manufacturing company who became a US Distributor for ISM saddles. That’s when I discovered my passion for bicycle seats and helping cyclists achieve greater comfort and performance. I’ve been employed with ISM Saddles since 2008 in charge of operations. During these 9 years at ISM Saddles, I have been intimately involved in innovative saddle design and blood flow testing. My goal will be to work with each of you to ensure the safety and wellbeing of riders.”

Piet van der Velde

Piet van der Velde is CEO, ERE Research. He has a fundamental role in the Saddle Committee since 2014 when he became Vice-Chairman of the committee. He has had an integral part in developing previous WFSGI Saddle Committee proposals (e.g. Saddle flatness tolerance) that have been well received and implemented by the UCI. With many years of bicycle and also formula 1 industry experience Piet has recently founded ERE Research – a high end performance component brand based in Switzerland.

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