Carbon Dry Enter Bicycle Market

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Carbon Dry Japan, a leading high tech dry carbon fiber component maker for the automotive industry is entering the market for high-end e-bikes and choosing to distribute Diavelo on their home market.

Carbon Dry Enter Bicycle Market
The Diavelo model Au2Bahn. - Photo Diavelo

The Diavelo brand is managed by Dutch based Protanium b.v – one of the rapidly growing e-bike brands on the market. Carbon Dry Japan has recently concluded a deal with Protanium regarding exclusivity for the Diavelo High Speed Bike, model Au2Bahn, the winner of last year’s EuroBike Award.

The Diavelo model Au2Bahn is a TÜV homologated 45km/h vehicle made according to L1e automotive standards and requires a license plate in Japan. The first 45km/h Au2Bahn is already legally riding on the streets in Japan. The Protanium b.v. and Carbon Dry Japan deal also give Protanium access to utilize the high-end autoclave carbon fiber technology for future Diavelo models.

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