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New 750 Store Retail Chain Emerging in Holland

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AMERSFOORT, The Netherlands – Two out of the three main retail organizations in The Netherlands are working on a joining of forces. Yesterday they have informed their member/dealers. When this new retail organization is founded it will bring a chain of some 750 shops with a yearly turnover of about 350 million euro.

New 750 Store Retail Chain Emerging in Holland
With the combining of forces of Bike Totaal and Biretco a chain emerges of over 750 shops with an annual turnover of about 350 million euro. - Photo Bike Europe

Bike Totaal and Biretco (operating the formats Profile, the bikespecialist, Fietswereld and BBG) are working on a joining of forces which will result in a retail chain which is by far the biggest in The Netherlands. In a press release sent last night the two companies state that their proposed combining of forces is a reaction on what they call a ‘consolidating market’.

With that the two companies point to the emergence of the Pon Bicycle Business Group (that unites Gazelle, Derby Cycle, Cervélo and Union) and Accell Nederland with Batavus, Koga, Sparta and Juncker.

Strategic move

The Biretco – Bike Totaal press release says: “The proposed combining of all activities is a strategic move to build scope and scale in a consolidating market. With the new organization the scale and the investment capacity is created which both organizations deem appropriate to further professionalize their full service offering to its dealer/members as well as to do that cost-effectively.”

Chain with 750 stores

By combining the strengths of the two organizations, a retail chain of bicycle specialists consisting of more than 750 stores arises. The new organization will have a combined turnover of around 350 million euro.

When the new company is founded its head office will be based in Amersfoort where currently Bike Totaal is located. The top management will consist of CEO Maarten de Vos (currently Bike Totaal CEO) and Chief Financial Officer Eric de Geus (current financial director Biretco BV). Biretco also has affiliated dealers in Belgium and Germany.

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