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Trek: E-Bikes Are ‘European Thing

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ULM, Germany – At the Trek World dealershow for the German speaking markets that closed its doors yesterday in Ulm, Trek Fahrrad GmbH marketing manager Hubert Hager said that e-bikes will remain: “A European thing.”

Trek: E-Bikes Are ‘European Thing
Trek Marketing-Manager Hubert Hager: ‘E-bikes will remain a European thing.’ – Photo Jo Beckendorff

The R&D of the entire Trek and Diamant e-bike range is based in Europe. According to marketing manager Hager e-bikes will remain “a European thing.”

Does this mean that Trek is not launching any MY 2015 e-bikes on its home market, the United States? It appears so as the current offering by Trek in the US stands at one model only; the T80+ which comes in Gents and Ladies.

Disappearance of Gary Fisher brand name

What’s also became clear at the show in Ulm is that internationally Trek is, apart from ‘newcomer’ Electra, focusing on the brand names Trek and Bontrager. The Gary Fisher brand disappeared now completely. On the other hand the Bontrager brand is more widely used for an expanding parts and accessories range.

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