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TLD Reduces Shimmy Impact on E-bikes

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WEINSBERG, Germany – Unstable driving behaviour of e-bikes and speed pedelecs caused by the shimmy effect of the handlebar often causes accidents. The TLD inside steering damper can prevent this and ensure a trouble-free ride.

TLD Reduces Shimmy Impact on E-bikes
The inside demper prevents shimmy effect with e-bikes. – Photo TLD

The shimmy effect generally occurs when the frequencies of various components on the e-bike, like the frame, fork and tires overlay in a mutually reinforcing way. This effect usually occurs only in a certain speed range.

Luggage carrier battery

Thanks to the higher average speed, this phenomenon happens more frequently when riding an e-bike. Especially with low entry models, but also e-bikes with diamond frame and even some cargo e-bikes. The luggage carrier battery even strengthens shimmying as it acts like a pendulum.

The TLD inside steering damper with an integrated friction damper counteracts the oscillation of the handlebar. Currently the steering damper comes in only one version. This is compatible for Ahead 1 1/8-inch semi integrated headsets (pressfit). The damper is available in the colours: red, black, red/black, black/red, polished/black and polished/red.

TLD inside has been developed by bicycle mechanic Tilo Chlupka from Weinsberg, Germany. Tilo Chlupka runs his own bicycle shop with a workshop. As specialist in the field of suspension and disc brakes he developed this steering damper system.

The shimmy impact is clearly visible in this film:

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