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New Bike Show Emerges in Russia

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MOSCOW, Russia – A new Moscow bike show took place last month. It has been organized by a Saint-Petersburg based sports company with a background in the outdoor sector. The new Moscow show is named Bike-Expo. It was for the first time that a bicycle show in Russia took place in September.

New Bike Show Emerges in Russia
Bike Expo exhibitors were very enthusiastic on the new show. – Photo Andrey Khorkov

Currently the ‘Velo-Park’ Moscow show takes place in February or March. This year’s edition struggled as is the Russian market. Even a warmed pool with controlled current for swimming training was there to attract visitors.

Lush new venue

The new Bike-Expo took place at an exhibition hall in Sokolniki. This is a lush new venue just outside of Moscow with a virtually unlimited parking lot for cars and a dedicated underground station. Sokolniki is an old Soviet exhibition complex located in a large leisure park. Crucial USP this venue offers is its price. Exhibiting bike companies paid approximately 5 times less for their stands in Sokolniki, than they are used to pay at Velo-Park.

Business and public days

Bike-Expo opened on September, 8. First two days were business days and the weekend was open for the public. Show founder Alexey Yarmarkin said that the Sokolniki area was chosen not only based on economy reasons, but also due to the park popularity among cyclists. It has a vast network of bike lanes.

‘Best bike business event in Russia for years’

Bike Expo exhibitors were very enthusiastic on the new show. Some of them called Bike-Expo the best bike business event in Russia for years! Companies that were long absent from Velo-Park took part in Bike Expo as a reasonable price policy allowed them to do so. For instance, one of the most popular booths was hosted by Triton, a Moscow-based company making high-end titanium frames and components.

Prominent exhibitors

Among the more prominent exhibitors was the largest Russian bike company Velomotors, selling about 700,000 bicycles under the Stels brand name in Russia. They were noticed by everyone as the company brought a Steinway  grand piano and a string trio. Also Russia’s number two was there; Forward from the Ural town of Perm, showed a definite progress in their bike design. Also Belarus bikes named Aist, which endured some difficult times, appeared to be in business again. Renowned brand names from outside Russia were also there in the form of Bulls, Haibike, Marin, Schwinn, Specialized,  Strida and some others.

Bike Expo 2017

Next year’s Bike-Expo is already scheduled for September, 7 – 9, 2017. And it may even become more B2B-oriented. By the way, the Velo-Park show is moving to Sokolniki next year and is to take place there from February, 10-12, 2017.


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